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Dystopias - The Future is Now?


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Project objectives

To promote reading and discussion of literature beyond the classroom

Overview of project

external image fahrenheit.jpgexternal image 1984.159211540_std.pngFor the last several weeks, students in English 10 at Branford High School have been reading 1984 by George Orwell or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. A major part of our discussions has been examining our own society and the challenges we face in an increasingly digitally connected world. What are Bradbury and Orwell trying to warn us about and do we still need to listen today? This project aims to connect our learning in the classroom with the viewpoints and perspectives of those in the community. As part of our class assignments, students will post ideas for discussion on this wiki page. In the weeks leading up to the discussion, members of the Branford community will have the opportunity to share their ideas about the books. Community members may participate as much or as little as they want in that aspect. We don’t expect anyone to be an expert, but rather to bring a unique and willing perspective to the conversation.

On the day of the discussion, community members and students will meet for the discussion in an informal, comfortable setting – the Class Act Café at Branford High School. Coffee and refreshments will be served before and during the conversations, and a hot lunch will be provided for all participants.

Our discussion is planned for March 10.

For more information, contact Bing Miller at