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Black Boy By: Richard Wright

Melissa, Joe, and Nimer

Use the following headings to help you keep track of the required elements:
-We should be discussing passages that we think are important

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Questions and comments

I wonder what made richard freeze up in front of the class was he so scared he foregot what to do or was it low self esteem that made him freeze. maybe he didn't want to be torrmented by his peers.


richard is so scared of white people but also ther is hate.
Search for Identity-
right now he is just a scared little boy with little understanding of life he only knows what he sees in the racism of which he is subjected to.

Vocabulary words

asafetida- A soft, brown, lumpy gum resin haveing a bitter, acrid taste and an obnoxious oder obtainted from several ner eastern plants belonging to the genus ferula of the parsley family:formely used in medicine as a carminative and antispasmodic. (Found on page 72.)
bungalow-a cottage of one story ( page 89)
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