Helpful materials and other resources for class

On this page will be stored materials and handouts we've used in class or information to supplement our classwork. Feel free to upload any documents you feel appropriate or important for class, or to put up any links you think would be helpful.

Wiki page organizational requirements:

~Include all required elements. The assignment is described here.
~Organize the ideas and comments posted on your page - make different headings, combine similar posts, separate different ideas or elements from your postings, add some kind of organization to help you better understand and make future postings. If you are feeling ambitious, create a table of contents at the top of the page. Look at the source for this page to see how to do it.
-Start a list of recurring themes from your book. For future homework assignments, ask group members to find images or pictures related to the theme. Not pictures of the book cover, but photographs or other images that illustrate the same themes from the book. Try Flickr, Google images, Yahoo etc...

Helpful links

Link to classroom blog